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Introducing ULTRA LITE.

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We are glad you have taken an interest in your Health! Here’s a small overview to get you started!

Ultra Lite addresses all the reasons people fail at weight loss:

Not Eating normal foods

Not Losing fat but muscle

Not supporting emotional challenges

Not addressing health conditions that cause weight gain

The most effective way to lose weight is with a healthcare practitioner developed and monitor program.  Only a Specially trained healthcare practitioner can tell you if your weight problems are due to:

  • nutritional deficiencies
  • slow metabolism
  • thyroid
  • body composition

With Ultra Lite we at Hager Chiropractic Health Clinic address all of these issues and you will lose fat not muscle, while eating normal foods so that you can keep the weight off permanently.  Many people in America have Unhealthy food habits and a lack of exercise.  These choices have led us to have a nation with skyrocketing Diabetes rates.

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